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A New Form of First Pressing: The Vinyl Shirt Club delivers freshly pressed record store tees to member’s mailboxes monthly.

The Vinyl Shirt Club launches September 15th, giving vinyl record lovers yet another way to showcase their passion for analog music.  The husband and wife team behind Vinyl Shirt Club are the first and only t-shirt club to ship record store tees.

“Starting Vinyl Shirt Club has been a blast,” says Ashley Bailes.  “The feedback has been incredible.  After putting up a simple launch page and Facebook page to gauge interest, we received hundreds of emails, social media comments, and messages with feedback on favorite vinyl stores and what people would like to see from the club.  This is the kind of thing you could work on all day and never get tired of it!”

It’s no secret that subscription box services have grown rapidly over the last few years.  Over 20 million people subscribe to some type of music subscription service, such as Spotify.  Vinyl Shirt Club hopes to bring awareness back to analog music and the independent record stores that house them through it’s own form of music subscription -- one that celebrates the vinyl culture and record stores.

The Bailes’ received the inspiration from Dive Bar Shirt Club, another infamous shirt club that ships obscure shirts from dive bars monthly.

Ashley’s husband Lea explained, “With a renewed interest in vinyl, we found our way back into record stores and started looking around for record store t-shirts to represent our love for music.  We quickly realized that they were hard to find.  We thought, ‘Hey, it would be awesome if there was a place that sent out a new record store t-shirt every month, kind of like Dive Bar Shirt Club.’  We love what they do and we wanted to do something similar with a completely different group.  Vinyl is the obvious choice for us.”

This isn’t Mr. Bailes’ first foray into subscription services.  In 2012, he co-founded Sock 101 with his partners and the Sock 101 Sock of the Month Club soon followed.  Sock 101 continues to grow, and maintains roughly 4,000 sock of the month club subscribers in addition to eCommerce and sales of custom logo socks.

Joining the Vinyl Shirt Club means you receive t-shirts delivered to your mailbox monthly with some of the grooviest (get it...grooves?) record store logos from all over the world!  

The club offers a monthly subscription and discounted prepaid 3, 6, 9, and 12 month packages.  You can even set your membership to receive shirts every other month as well.  

A different logo is featured every month, making each month's shirt a first pressing.

“Our goal is to bring you the highest quality product and experience possible so you can represent your love for music and record stores.  Our hope is that we can do a small part in keeping the record store boom booming,” said Mrs. Bailes.

For more information or to sign up for the Vinyl Shirt Club, visit  You can find them on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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