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What happens when the Dallas public library sells 5,000 records for $2 a piece?

There are some pretty impressive record archives out there, but the Central Library in Dallas has a massive collection, comprised of nearly 40,000 records.

It is one of a just a few libraries in the United States with a collection of this size. “Lots of libraries in the ’90s dropped their LP collections as they fell out of favor,” Heather Lowe, library manager, explained to the Dallas Observer.

You may have seen articles recently about the Central Library in Dallas selling off records to raise awareness about its archive.  

On Thursday, Ashley had the pleasure of heading to the library to see what finds she could pick up out of the 6,000 records that were up for sell for only $2 a record.

Here’s her account on her experience:

Thursday was an awesome time at the Central Branch of the Dallas Public Library.  I got there at 5:30 for the early bird sale before the 6:30 general sale began.

Several hundred people filed in at 5:30, people were stacked 5 deep at the racks, looking for that ONE elusive album or a stack of great finds at a great price.  Some were carrying milk crates, some backpacks, some cardboard boxes, and there were even a few rolling suitcases!

Inside the doors was a massive collection of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical and other eclectic LPs, all for only $2!  I was in heaven.  This collection held something for everyone.

It struck me that all of these people came together because of music (in addition to the great deals of course).

Complete strangers were talking to each other while digging through stacks.  The room was full of conversation like, "What type of player are you using?", "Which show are you heading to next", and "I love the sound, smell, and feel of records.  I can't wait to start searching to see what they have".  

After my 45 minute excavation, I was proudly recounting my finds like Where the Wild Things Are and an original Cinderella first pressing.  

I was smiling, laughing, and loving every minute of my time together with this group of strangers, without ever knowing their names, sharing our passion and our love for music and vinyl.

We talked about how these amazing albums were moments in time with our loved ones, common tunes we sang growing up, and beloved favorites cultivated as our musical tastes grew.

I didn't want to leave.  

This is the vinyl community in action, and something to be cherished and sustained.  Vinyl brought this group of characters and new friends together in a unique way I will never forget, and I was able to share a moment of joy with perfect strangers that I will remember fondly for years.  

If that isn't a reason to love records, I have no idea what is.

What I know is that music is universal, and analog sound is hard to beat.   

I only have one thing to say:  Just Keep Spinning.

Was anyone else able to make it to this sale?  If so, we'd love to hear about your experience!

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