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Tom LeFevre Keeps Vinyl Spinning at Mainstreet Jukebox

Our January release is...

Main St. Jukebox!

For as long as he can remember Tom LeFevre has been interested in music.  Throughout high school he played in bands and always surrounded himself with music. Then while he was in college, he worked at a record store.

He found his heaven.  He was being paid to sell music, and it was awesome!

After graduating college, instead of looking for a job in the fired of criminal justice (which was his  major), he decided to open his own record store.  He was driving through Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania one day searching for locations and came across a vacant storefront on main street that seemed perfect.  

There, he opened Main St. Jukebox in October, 1994.

In 2006 his business was destroyed by a fire, but he picked up the pieces and reopened his store soon after.

The Poconos of Pennsylvania has been a great spot for Tom.  There, he has built a loyal local clientele along with students from East Stroudsburg University, and tourism helps him thrive during vacation season.

Main St. Jukebox has evolved tremendously since opening in 1994.  Main Street Jukebox has gone from a mainstream music shop to a collectors shop.  Customers who are interested in collecting music and memorabilia are his best customers.

Even though he knows he will never get rich doing it, he still runs Main St. Jukebox because he loves it.

Being happy doing the thing he loves everyday means everything to him, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Next time you visit the Poconos, be sure to visit Tom at Main St. Jukebox.

Thanks Tom for all you do to keep vinyl spinning!

Tom LeFevre

Main St. Jukebox

606 Main St.

Stroudsburg, PA 18360


Twitter:  @mainstjukebox

Instagram:  @mainstjukebox

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