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Record Store Partner Benefits

Through Vinyl Shirt Club, our goal is to bring awareness back to analog music and the independent record stores that house them with our own form of subscription -- one that celebrates the vinyl culture and record stores like yours.  

Our hope is that we can do a small part in keeping the record store boom booming.

Members who join the the Vinyl Shirt Club will receive t-shirts delivered to their mailbox monthly with some of the best record store logos from all over the world!  

A different logo will be featured every month, making each month's shirt a first pressing.

We are looking for great record store logos and stories to feature each month through the Vinyl Shirt Club.  

Will your record store be next?

Vinyl Shirt Club provides exposure and free marketing to the featured record store each month with a 360 degree approach using all types of media.

We print all shirts to ensure consistently high quality for our members.

We incur all costs in additional design work and setup needed as well as all costs necessary to print and ship the shirts.  Your cost is $0.

Along with having our members around the world wearing your shirt everywhere, you will receive the following:

All we need from you is a high resolution logo and we take it from there.  We obtain your approval on final artwork and t-shirt design before printing.  Remember, we will never reproduce, alter, or use your logo without express approval.  That would just be uncool!

We hope to feature your record store in Vinyl Shirt Club very soon!  If this is a venture that you want to partner with us on as we strive to help independent record stores thrive, apply here.  We would love to chat with you!

If you are interested, please shoot an email to Ashley at


Lea and Ashley Bailes

Stay Tuned!

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