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October Release - Licorice Pizza (One-Time Purchase)

$ 27.00

October Release - Licorice Pizza (One-Time Purchase)
October Release - Licorice Pizza (One-Time Purchase) October Release - Licorice Pizza (One-Time Purchase) October Release - Licorice Pizza (One-Time Purchase)

$ 27.00

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We decided to kick it old school for our first shirt!  Plus, Licorice Pizza was a top requested shirt from member feedback.

Our designer put a unique spin on the Licorice Pizza logo, and we hope you love what he came up with as much as we do!

Licorice Pizza, an infamous SoCal icon, opened its first record store in Long Beach in 1969.

Some say that founder James Greenwood borrowed the company's name from folk singers Bud and Travis from a ‘60’s album (saying that they could sprinkle their records with sesame seeds and sell them as licorice pizzas).  Others say that it came from an Abbott and Costello sketch where they try to sell records, unsuccessfully (saying "Well we could sprinkle cornstarch on the bottom and sell them as Licorice Pizzas").  

Regardless of the real origin, it’s a sweet name and logo!

Licorice pizza was the ultimate in cool.  It was larger than life with music posters hanging on the wall, massive cutout displays, rows upon rows of LP’s, music blasting over the PA system, and, most importantly, free black and red licorice that was handed to every customer that walked through the door.

In 1986, Licorice Pizza was sold to the Musicland Group and morphed into Sam Goody’s.  Licorice Pizza had become a shadow of its former iconic self with only 30% of the chain’s sales from records and the other 70% from VHS rentals.  We all know how the video rental business turned out.  

If only Doc Brown and Marty McFly could have taken them from 1985 to 2015.

Limited quantities are available, so grab yours today!


Color:  Navy Triblend

Sizes:  Available in sizes Small through 4XL and Men's and Women's styles.

Materials:  High Quality Triblend (50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon)

Shirts usually ship within five to seven business days.

Size Chart (Men's and Women's Styles, Chest to Fit)

 Small 34" - 37"

38" - 41"


42" - 45"


46" - 49"

XX-Large 50" - 53"

Stay Tuned!

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